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Why Elegant Glow?

At Elegant Glow, Christmas is important to us. We haven't forgotten the significance of the holiday and what it means to families. In remembering this, we have developed a business model that lets those values prevail:

  • Safety of homeowners and installers is our foremost priority. All installation procedures and electrical designs are reviewed by an engineer to guarantee safe practices. Safety equipment is used by installers at all times.
  • Customer service is the absolute best in the business. We understand that without our customers, there is no business.
  • We only use commercial grade products that have been purchased from trusted distributors and manufacturers.
  • All install crews are fully trained in our methods and equipped with all the necessary products. Supervision is on-site at all times.
  • We offer competitive pricing on installs, reduced rates on re-installs and removal of lights is included in the pricing.
  • We don't overbook or mislead customers on installation dates. We leave room in the schedule for maintenance and weather delays. 
  • We are fully insured.
  • We offer free estimates.