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The Five Step Process

  1. Design - One of our experts meets with you and together we come up with an appropriate design based on budget, electrical capacity and aesthetics. We bring our products to the consultation and plug them in to demonstrate the different options. We also bring examples of previous designs to help brainstorm ideas. 
  2. Installation - Install crews are fully trained and held to a high standard of safety and quality. Each set of lights is custom fit to a section of your house with no visible plugs. Transitioning from section to section is done with bulb-less hidden wires to give an elegant consistent appearance. All the details are recorded during the design phase and installation is carried out exactly as planned.
  3. Maintenance - We have a firm commitment to maintain your lights throughout the season. Maintenance calls respond within 24 hours. All maintenance calls, including bulb replacements, are included in the package. We are very proud of our maintenance performance and the last thing we want is interrupted enjoyment of your lights. 
  4. Removal - Removal of your lights is completed in a safe and orderly fashion. Each set is taken down carefully and numbered according to an electrical diagram. Our method ensures safe practices and proper installation year after year.
  5. Storage - We do offer storage. Some people prefer to keep their lights at their house, and we're ok with that. If you choose to keep the lights, we will put them away for you and retrieve them the next year. If you choose to store with us, we will safely store them until the following year.